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So Simple a 7 Year Old Could Do It… And it’s FREE!!!

Building a mailing list of 5,000+ subscribers within 1 year is so easy, my 7 year old daughter Mercy could do it on her own working only an hour per day… :)

And guest what? The BEST part is, anyone can do this for FREE!

If you can follow and diligently repeat a Simple 5 Step Process, you too could be emailing over 5,000 recipients by this time next year.

The system does require daily time investment but otherwise, it can be a $0.00 investment out of pocket.

How Can I Build a Mailing List of 5,000+ Contacts within 1 Year for Free?

Step 1 Create a Digital Product to Be Distributed Free  (Your Cost is $0.00 – There is no cost to this step since you can Click HERE to search this website and find dozens of FREE PLR products you can use with my permission).

This Step is critical to your Success. Avoid getting caught in a never ending loop of analysis paralysis and settle for the best you got. Set a deadline by which you plan on selecting your product and moving toward production. If you endeavor to write your own eBook, consider using a ghost writer through which producing an eBook should take no more than a week at a cost of $50 or less. Add a custom ebook cover by yours truly and voila! A digital Masterpiece by… YOU! Other popular digital products you can ive away for free include MP3 Audio, Video, PowerPoint/Keynote Presentations,  Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights and more. Your goal, get your product done within 30 days!

Step 2 Promote Your Digital Product for Free using OPR and OPM (Your Cost is $0.00Ask Me How!)

Capitalizing on OPR – Other People’s Resources, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and thousands of other social network sites, promote your new digital product offering it Free of charge on interactive websites that are always “Open” for business.

Step 3 Generate 20 New Contacts per Day via your Free Digital Product Downloads (Your Cost is $0.00)

Your goal should be a minimum 20 New Contacts per Day. During this step, ensure each new contact is marketable and that you have all the required information to market to each new contact added to your Mailing List. Sorting through new contacts as they are added is much easier and cost effective than doing so when your list contains thousands of entries.

Step 4 Create an Up-Sell Digital Product (Your Cost is $0.00 if done yourself, possibly PLR or MRR of your initial Digital Product, Video or Audio files, PowerPoint/Keynote Slides)

Once a New Contact signs-up they are now 60% likely to buy something from you, why not try sell them the Rights to the very product they Downloaded free of charge?

Step 5 Use E-Mail Marketing and Continued OPR & OPM based Promotion to Thrive and Prosper! (Your Cost is $0.00 if you Know where to Look for the Web’s Best Free E-Mail Marketing, Auto-Responder and Survey Service… :)

Through E-Mail Marketing and ongoing promotional efforts meant to exponentially increase exposure and conversion, which in turn maximizes ROI. Your goal is to generate 1 Sale per Day to financially fuel Your endeavor, then go to Step 2 and repeat. It’s really that Simple!

While the process above is nothing new, the resources available certainly are…

Creating a digital product in the old days used to take months, or even years but thanks to yours truly, you can download a PLR digital product with reseller rights today – For FREE!

All It Takes Is Directed, Well Managed Effort.

The reality of the matter is when it comes to Internet Marketing, what makes sense often works.

My advice is if you put in the time and effort while making certain you keep yourself informed and up to date on technology, your ebusiness will also THRIVE!

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