How Do I Know If I Have The Mind Of Christ?

The Mind Of Christ

On the eve of a new year, and countless new opportunities to serve our Lord, a few minutes ago, I received an email that had quite an impact on my family and me.

I have taken the liberty of slightly modifying the letter below to protect my client’s privacy.

I am so grateful for your service. We are finding what an arduous and determined task it is to uncover and discover those who have a heart for the lost souls in prisons.

Jesus understood it perfectly, but no many others do.

Statistics show that only five percent of the body of the church (including evangelicals) are all that have interest in evangelism other than casual. When you add in the prisoner factor that number goes quickly to about one percent. But that is why God chose those of us who will stay the course and are called to save lost souls and pass the message to the least and lost.

The two best emails you have constructed consisted of one called $155 back in September where I got six new church contributors. The other is the one just done for the free book. I got about 23 responses and requests from the newer and skinnier list of 11,000.

I will work on developing these as well as others as I build a database of all who have bought a book, expressed interest or otherwise contributed, etc. I am attaching a letter of response I send for your consideration so you know what I am doing and what I want to do.

I really appreciate your service very much.

This is a long term proposition, it seems, but nevertheless progress is being made. Sometime in the next sixty days, I will send out 250,000 books to all prisons in order to make sure all get something.

As it turns out, about one third will be with money I make from my secular business consultation deals.

It looks like that will continue for a while until the donor base of this endeavor is up to par.

That said, I need a little help on my business website.

1.) I need to send some updates on law firms and other new references to add to the references section

2.) Could we make the articles section separate from the knowledge base to make it easier to access

3.) I am about to publish some new articles in coming months in trade journals, but I may want to blog about these and others that I have some ideas about. So, I would like to have a nice accessible and attractive blog site or maybe it could be called current events or some other name that is about the different things my business is doing in environmental consulting, expert witness litigation, and unconventional appraisal work.

I had hoped to transition to full time ministry, but God wants me working and it appears he will fund the ministry through my secular business.

Please let me know the charges for the website work.

It is a great pleasure working with you Daniel and to know that you have the mind of Christ and he is guiding your thoughts and ideas.

What a pleasure to work with a man of God who put God and family ahead of all. Praise God!


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