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Hoop It Up! Another Sports Ministry Landing Page By Yours Truly

I give praise to God for another awesome Sports Ministry landing page I designed for Hillside Community Baptist Church, a local fellowship that’s hailed as a top notch sports venue in Hernando County, FL.

Check out the landing page here:

While the landing page and quick YouTube video are praised for their creativity, it’s the web page’s ability to respond or adapt to the device used to view the page which I find most impressive.

On a desktop, section background graphics bring depth to the page while on mobile phones, images and copy are crisp and Parallax effects provide a pleasant user experience no matter the size of the phone or tablet.

You see, the page is designed to provide optimal user experience (UX) independently of the device used to access the landing page. On computer screens, the video is above the fold, and on mobile phones, the information is displayed clearly and the content flows beautifully.

I invite you to sample the page for yourself with no strings attached by Following This Link.

Are you looking to implement a landing page like this one? I can help! Contact me today and let’s get started!


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