Freshly Baked Bread from a Frozen Brigford Ready-Dough Loaf

Some days I just don’t feel like blogging about Internet Marketing, Ministry or Homesteading…. Today, I want to talk about delicious bread!

Not many people will argue about the endearing smell or freshly baked bread. Today I baked a loaf of soft, moist bread to accompany succulent veggie cretons I made in an effort to travel back in time, if anything for a few culinary minutes… Mission accomplished!

My wife Elizabeth has been making bread for years but not I. Inspired by a Food Network show I caught last week, I went ahead and bought 3 premixed frozen loafs of white bread I anticipated would turn out average, at best.

Taking the easy route, I used the microwave to thaw one of the loafs and warm oven to quickly rise the dough eventually forgetting about the concoction. Three hours into the two hour rising process, I remembered about my loaf sitting in the oven and rushed to the stove where I was flabbergasted to see how gigantic the loaf had risen, by now falling over the baking pan’s edges.

Elizabeth reassured me we could save the loaf and preheated the oven to 375 degrees. She placed the near exploding loaf in the oven for a half hour until the crust baked to a majestic golden brown color which she then brushed with butter. The loaf was so huge, it eventually collapsed, but in my opinion, it only made it denser, better.

The forgiving, recently frozen dough had given way to a soft, fluffy loaf of delicious bread. Slice after slice, Elizabeth, our daughters Grace, Trinity, Faith, Mercy and I praised God for the magnificent flavor and texture of such a simple, biblical food.

If you haven’t enjoyed freshly baked bread in a while and are courageous enough to follow in my footsteps, I invite you to scope your grocer’s frozen isle and look for a bag of Brigford Ready-Dough. A bright yellow and red bag with 3 frozen 1Lb loafs.

You’ll thank me later! :P


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