Email Marketing Home Run

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Can you believe I have been involved with email marketing since the mid 90’s?

That’s right!

Back in 1997, I had my finger on a button that would send out over 5 Million emails at a time. I’ve seen some mind blowing ratios in my days, but nothing like an email I sent recently promoting an otherwise worthless Private Label Rights eBook.

In a rush to generate revenue, I recommended one of my clients re-brand and sell a private label ebook that had fallen dormant over the past 3-4 years.

The PLR package he purchased 5 years ago was complete and it came with a turn key website and sales material. I completed the setup in only a few hours at a cost of $300.00 to my client. Add the cost of the original product purchased for $37.00 in 2015 and you have a total investment of $347.00.

Following me so far?

An email to his list of contacts was scheduled to go out early Tuesday morning, but uncontrollable circumstances delayed the email blast to 4pm that day. This ETD was obviously WAY outside peak times yet it produced results far beyond expectations.

Amazing Results: A Home Run!

A few minutes before 4pm, approximately 11,400 emails went out. Within 24 hours, the reinvented digital product now priced at $47 generated over $22,500 in sales.

Over 1,260 people clicked the link in the email (a whopping 11% click through rate), and the landing page I brought back to life with modern copy converted 475+ visitors into sales out of the 1,260 recorded visits, a conversion ratio of 37.9%.

That’s right, more 1 in 3 people purchased the digital product. That’s AMAZING!!!

I don’t know about you but I am very impressed with selling 1 product for each 3 visitors I send to a web page… Looking for similar results? Inquire within… :P