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Author & Public Speaker Blueprint


So you want to become a published author and public speaker, but have no clue how to make it all happen? What if I told you I can help you write a book, publish it and get speaking gigs – all for FREE!

That would be something, right?

Well, here goes:

1. Download one of my Free PLR eBooks (Click here for a list of available eBooks)

2. Edit the eBook’s content to suit your style and vision

3. Design an engaging cover using the Google Drive Drawing Application

4. Publish & Sell your eBook on Amazon Kindle (You’re now a published author!)

5. Create a free website/blog on

6. Record YouTube videos relevant to your eBook’s topic (You’re now a public speaker!)

7. Sign up with

8. Build your mailing list using a free version of your ebook as lead magnet.

9. Blog daily about topics relevant to your niche & get involved on social media

Once you have established and nurtured your online presence, you’re ready to offer free workshops at public libraries and other free venues in your area, which you will record and post on YouTube to grow your exposure.

Use these small venues to improve your speaking and presentation skills.

When you feel ready to take on bigger audiences, contact your local chamber of commerce and offer your services as a speaker.

Then, align yourself with an event promoter and start booking conference & trade show gigs and voila! You are now making a living as an author & public speaker!


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3 thoughts on “Author & Public Speaker Blueprint

  1. Nice blueprint Daniel, although some elements are missing details, each step seems simple enough. I really appreciate how you even supply the PLR ebooks at no charge. Job well done sir!

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