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Throwback Thursday – Corner Office, Limousines and VIP Suites

Today’s throwback takes us back to the autumn of 2000, when I was extended a contract to work as a vice-president of marketing and web development in Montreal, Canada for TTLN, a company listed on the NASDAQ exchange.

This was a job I could not resist since the opportunity provided both a tremendous challenge and very generous compensation.

Did I mention perks too?

A corner office in a prestigious downtown hi-rise building, underground VIP parking a few steps from the elevator doors. Paid travel, limousines, over sized suites, massages, pool side cabanas at luxury resorts, the Venetian Resort just to name one… :)

So there I was, on top of the world when it hit me: Now what? Is this it?

A disappointing reality washed over me; Here I was, 34 years old, sitting on top of the worls, alone and feeling miserable. I reminded myself that I’m a successful marketing guru and gifted web designer, managing a team of junior staff involved in producing, of all things, online gambling and sports betting websites.

I had more money than I could spend, but my heart was filled with shame and despair.

A few days later, long story short, I attended a church service at Saddleback Church in California. It was then that God’s plan was revealed to me.

I would use the skills and talents He had blessed me with and go to work for Him.

My mission was no longer one driven by greed, since I quit the position in Montreal and moved to California, but a mission fueled by faith and devotion.

Do I miss the spectacular office? Of course I do!

But I’ll take the fulfillment I get each time I press on for the Lord over that job any day.

It’s my hope that if you are busy worshiping money instead of God, that you too will answer His call to go to work for Him instead of serving the enemy… (Matthew 6:24)

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