I Lost 15 Pounds Fast on the Daniel Fast!!!

Daniel Fast Diet

Did you know I was on the “Daniel Fast” also known as the  “Daniel Diet” and already lost 15 pounds in less 3 weeks? Based on Belteshazzar, the biblical prophet known as “Daniel,” this unique diet is nothing short of miraculous…

The Daniel Diet is essentially a way of balancing the types of food you eat to keep your body in great health.  With this biblical diet, you’ll have energy all day, get the vitamins, minerals & protein you need to stay strong for activities you enjoy, and reach or maintain a healthy weight.

One of the BEST aspects of the Daniel Fast is, you get to eat WHAT YOU WANT since the diet focuses on biblical foods, such as all kinds of meat, grain, nuts, fruit and vegetables.

More importantly, you’ll honor your temple and glorify God in the making!

The Daniel Fast is so easy, anyone can do it! It’s a simple program to follow that’s healthy and sure to help you lose that extra weight you’ve been hoping would go away by itself.

The ebook is packed with valuable information about fasting, but more importantly, my exclusive Daniel Fast ebook includes:

• Types of Fasts

• Fasting Applications

• Facts about Fasting

• Preparing To Fast

• Stages Of Fasting

• The Healthy Way To Fast

• Who Should Not Fast?

• Tips On Fasting

• Biblical Foods

• The Complete Daniel Fast Program

• And Much More!

Download the Daniel Fast eBook Now >>

Whatever You Do, Avoid Non Biblical Diets!

Biblically, there are such things as bad foods. Not all foods can be a part of a healthy diet. The secret is, you should only rely on God’s creation, not a laboratory’s in New Jersey (no offense Jersey you’re great, but God is greater!)

Though this diet is certainly not for everyone, thus far I experienced tremendous results with the Daniel Fast (or Daniel Diet) and plan on reaching or surpassing my goal of losing 30 pounds in record time.

Download the Daniel Fast eBook Now >>

Do you think by spring break I will be ready to take on “lions” and “burning furnaces” like the biblical prophet Daniel? ;)


4 thoughts on “I Lost 15 Pounds Fast on the Daniel Fast!!!

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  3. Steve G.

    Thanks for sharing the result of your experience with the Daniel Fast. For under $10, I might as well give it a try, right?

  4. Deena T.

    I really liked the graphic you put on this post that “Fasting is not starving!” I always looked at fasting as a painful endeavor, but now that I read your post and read the ebook, I understand the significance and importance of fasting. Job well done Daniel!


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