Danica Patrick, Not Your Typical Pole Dancer

Posted by Daniel St.Pierre on Feb 25, 2012 in Work Related Post |

A spokesperson for the Nevada based domain registrar company, GoDaddy, this year’s NASCAR Nationwide Series COPD300 pole winner is Danica Patrick, driver of the GoDaddy #7 car owned by famed Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Danica Patrick, GoDaddy Chevrolet at the 2012 Daytona 500, NASCAR, Sprint CupWhat’s most impressive about Patrick is, less than 24 hours earlier, she was airborne in her Sprint Cup car after hitting the inside retaining wall down the back stretch at full speed.

Talk about a different kind of “Pole” winner!

The GoDaddy sponsored #10 Chevy, which will start 29th in Sunday’s 500 mile race, will be  Danica’s 3rd Sprint Cup car this year, after a crash during practice last week.

I witnessed the crash on Thursday and never imagined she would bounce back so quickly – or so successfully!

I find it unfortunate Danica chooses to promote pornography via her sponsor, GoDaddy, the controversial domain registrar headed by Bill Parsons. I fear her legacy is headed down the same road as Dan Wheldon’s…

Reality Check: If God decided to end Danica Patrick’s life today, where do you think she would end up, in Heaven with Yahweh, or in Hell with Satan?

The problem is found in the answer… Who knows?

Though no one can know for certain where Danica Patrick would end up if she were to buy the farm today, one thing I know for certain is, she’s not putting out the gospel in those 5 inch heels on TV.  She’s selling and capitalizing on SEX, and that’s NOT God’s way.

IMO, without a testimony, and busy doing Satan’s work all over the world, Danica Patrick is unsaved, headed straight to Hell.

Without a relationship with Christ, you may be headed to Hell also where you will burn for EVER. If the thought of burning in agony forever doesn’t scare you into a conversation with God, you may be completely hopeless like Patrick and Wheldon…


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  • Barry says:

    Daniel I completely agree with your point, Danica is such a sorry role model for women in America. While she does show signs of talent, she also serves Satan in her selfish endeavours seen on TV and online. My conviction is she will get what she deserves, soon…

  • Anna says:

    Danica Patrick is a complete sellout. Unless she repents of her sin, she is headed straight to hell in a speed bucket…

  • Molly S. says:

    I agree with you Daniel, Danica is not at all a good role model for young women to aspire to become. She continues to make poor choices including association with GoDaddy and pornography, also recently, divorce. She is sowing seeds of sin, and her fruit delights evil. In my opinion, our world would be a better place without her…

  • Yanni says:

    Danica Patrick is only a role model for children of immoral vipers. IMO she has fallen to sin and she delights in serving Satan, the angel of darkness. You are 100% right on Daniel… If she were to die today, I have no doubt she would go straight to HELL!!!

  • Brenda says:

    In my opinion, Danica Patrick is unsaved and because of this, she is in grave danger of burning in Hell for all eternity. First, the choices she has made over the years, from her sponsors to her marital track record and the TV commercials she has been involved in clearly depict an immoral woman. She is definitely not a role model I want my daughters to look after…

  • Barry G. says:

    Danica Patrick is the Devil incarnate! I discern her useless life will end in a well deserved, fiery crash where all her like minded fans will watch her burn…

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