5 Top YouTube Video Marketing Tips To Help You Maximize Conversion

christian youtube marketing companyDid you know YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine?

If your business or ministry is not already leveraging the immense power of YouTube, you are likely missing out on prospects…

How many leads, sales or opportunities have you lost to date?

No matter, that’s in the past! By the grace of God, you’re here now and ready to maximize results. Let’s get to it!

Here are essentials for your YouTube videos:

1. Always brand YouTube videos with your logo

2. Always write relevant titles, description & tags for each video using search friendly keywords and key phrases

3. Always display company information such as website URL, phone number, address and email in videos and descriptions

4. Watch others’ related videos and comment, engaging in conversation and promoting your own channel in the mix

5. Budget permitting, promote your brand, products or services via YouTube Marketing, paying a few pennies per view or a few dollars per thousand views.

If you’re a business owner or ministry leader, leveraging the power of YouTube is not an option, it’s a must!

I invite you to reach out to me HERE to further explore the many ways you can leverage YouTube’s popularity to grow your ministry or business, for God’s glory! #TGBATG

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3 thoughts on “5 Top YouTube Video Marketing Tips To Help You Maximize Conversion

  1. Helen J.

    Hi Daniel, I came across this post while researching YouTube tutorials and am glad I found your blog. I really like how you lay out a simple plan to help your readers leverage video marketing to promote their business. Keep up the great work!


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