Celebrating 50 Years Of Marriage

Over the weekend, I was blessed to take part in a most wonderful celebration: Bill & Mary Kay’s 50th wedding anniversary.

A retired pastor, Bill is a rebel with a cause. A soldier for Christ, a father and grand father, a brother to 8 siblings and a husband to one wife, for 50 long years. His lifelong companion, Mary Kay is a beacon of light that has been a blessing to countless souls in the Bay area for decades, and to my family for years.

Bill and Mary Kay

In a world where divorce has become common, Bill & Mary Kay choose to honor God by keeping the promise they made a half-century ago. Their bond remains strong, the message they share is a simple one: Love others as Jesus loves us.

I feel privileged to have partaken in yesterday’s celebration, and remain immensely grateful for such wonderful role models in the lives of my daughters Grace, Trinity, Faith and Mercy, as well as solid pillars of faith for Elizabeth and me to rely on when the enemy reveals himself in our lives.

Thank you Bill & Mary Kay! You are loved and cherished.


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