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PPC Traffic: Landing Pages vs Homepage

how to start an online businessOne of the biggest faux pas when it comes to pay-per-click traffic is destination URLs.

Many DIYers make this mistake because they lack comparative data proving once and for all that paid traffic should be sent to targeted landing pages rather than a site’s homepage, which is obviously designed to cater to a broader, diverse audience.

Imagine a month when you spend over $9,000 on Google Adwords to buy traffic but only generate $7,200 in sales…

The issue with one of my client was they were driving all their paid traffic (PPC) to their website’s homepage where pre-qualified prospects would lose interest.

You see, people who click or tap on ads are responding to a “call to action” with some type of expectation. For example, someone who’s been shopping for cars online magically starts seeing more ads on their phone, tablet or PC, and when they click or tap on a car ad, they expect to find out more about the car, or details about auto financing if the ad was financing related, etc.

With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to send this pre-qualified traffic to web pages that meet and surpass user expectations rather than send prospect buyers to a car dealership’s website homepage.

Sending pre-qualified leads to landing pages reduces abandonment rates that otherwise would be through the roof.

Consider this next time you feel you’re getting maximum ROI from PPC… :)

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