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Blogging Made Simple – Learn How To Blog Like A Pro! [Video Included]

Today, to answer the needs of a few of my clients, I will show you how to create a new post on your WordPress blog in a few simple steps.

First, you’ll need to login to your site’s admin section and get to your dashboard.

Next, select posts from the side menu and click add new.

Now, the add new post screen is loaded and we’ll start by typing a title for our blog post.

The title can be anything you want but I recommended you keep it short and include some type of call to action to entice prospect readers to select your blog post when they search for this type information on search engines, like Google.

For example, since this blog post is a tutorial about blogging using WordPress, the title I chose is “Blogging Made Simple – Learn How To Blog Like A Pro! [Video Included]”

Next, I like to start each blog post with a compelling graphic. You can use any image editor to create graphics, I use Photoshop.

I already created a graphic for the top of my post, and fetched it by clicking add media, then select the upload file tab, next click the Select Files button and navigate to the folder where I saved the graphic and click open.

Always make sure to optimize each graphic by adding a relevant Title and Alt Text. This will not only get each graphic indexed on search engines, it will help your blog post get more online awareness. Optimized graphics also drive in more traffic, so adding a Title and Alt Text is always a win-win. Click the Insert into Post button to complete this step.

Next, let’s type the actual content of the post.

Once again, I already prepared the copy for the post, so I fetched it and simply copied and pasted it into this area of the page.

Now we need to choose categories for this post. Categories allow your blog readers to read more about specific topics that interests them, so it’s important to leverage the various topics you write about. In our case, this post belongs in the following categories: Internet Marketing & SEO

To add new categories, simply click the Add New Category link and create categories that relate to your blog.

The tag section is next, and it’s an important step. Tags are essentially keywords that are relevant to the post, but not necessarily words you wanted to use in your post. Tags should include words that will likely be used by people on search engines who are looking for the information found in your post.

In this case, since this post is a tutorial about blogging using WordPress, a good tag would be WordPress blogging tutorial, other likely search strings would likely include DIY WordPress blogging, Easy WordPress Blogging. For best results, I like to move words around in my tags since I never know what prospect readers are actually typing on search engines. So more tags should include tutorial blogging in WordPress, tutorial WordPress blogging, and so on.

Lastly we’ll set a featured image for this post. I often use the same graphic I created for the header section of the post. That’s up to you!

Now you’re all set! Click the Publish button and voila!

Until next time, may God bless you and yours! #TGBATG

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