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Another day at the Zoo, Praise God!

A glorious winter day in the sunshine state was the perfect setting for our weekly¬† Tampa Zoo outing with the girls. A cool, sunny afternoon provided fun for the entire family, spectacular photo opps, some tasty southern style barbecue and a sweet drive down I-275 in the not so ultimate driving machine…

Grace had yet another encounter with Bonnie, a 2 year old lama that’s quite taken with our 5 year old. Last year the two chased each other around the pen, today they just seemingly hugged and shared a moment.

DSC_5470 DSC_5472 DSC_5471

How blessed are we that my work allows for such joy filled activities with my wife and daughters on a regular basis. I don’t know why the Lord continues to shine His light so bright upon my family and I, but I have to admit the warmth of the sun on my face, Trinity’s laughter as she fed goats bamboo leaves, Grace’s endearing personality, Faith’s mid-air jumping jacks strapped to Elizabeth’s chest in a front carrier and of course, my wife’s gentle smile in the rear view mirror on the way home as she and our girls thanked me for making all this possible.

Hey dad! If you’re reading this, thanks for never being such a horrible failure as a father which is proving to be a powerful driving force in my own fatherhood endeavor…

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