“Absolutely Stunning and Beautiful Presentation of a Landing Page”

Christian Internet Marketing

Earlier this week, when David Howell asked me to produce a landing page for his most recent email marketing campaign, I felt privileged to be the one chosen to handle this life changing project.

How is a landing page “life changing” you ask?

The landing page promotes a free ebook. The ebook is a digital copy of a Christian tract, an illustrated booklet that’s used in prison evangelism. The plan is simple: Offer the ebook for free as part of a permission based email marketing campaign by which David hopes to raise funds to support his prison ministry.

Just last month, David spent $125,000 to publish and distribute 250,000 booklets to over 950 correctional institutions in 21 U.S. states.

Since Mr. Howell started this missionary journey, statistics show that 1 in 10 inmates who read his book will come to know Christ and become a child of God.

What this translates into is truly divinely appointed. Through his efforts and dedication to answer the call of the Great Commission, David Howell is personally responsible for tens of thousands of repented souls who will inherit a place in Heaven along side our Savior.

Because I understand the importance of this landing page, I needed to master the complexities involved with the page, focusing on conversion through responsiveness, functionality and of course, optimal user experience.

What did my client think of the resulting landing page?

“This is an absolutely stunning and beautiful presentation of a landing page. It is beyond a landing page in its scope and thoroughness and functionality. Great work!”

I am blessed to be a part of this endeavor, and wanted to invite you to visit the landing page I produced for the glory of our Lord…


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