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4 Types of Video Anyone Can Produce for Profit

Videos have become more popular than ever before.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past decade, I’m sure you’ve noticed YouTube ads are all over YouTube videos, even amateurs are capitalizing on the prosperous trend.

Did you know YouTube videos have also become the most cost effective way to drive targeted, qualified traffic to a web page?

That’s right folks!

Because of its authority, leveraging the domain to rank highly on Google Search has become one of the most widely used strategy today. But, what kind of videos do well. More importantly, what types of videos should you endeavor to produce. How much are these videos going to cost?

That’s all really up to you as producing YouTube videos can cost a little, or a lot.

Below is a list of videos anyone can produce cost effectively using any computer, tablet or a mobile phone.

1. How To Videos (Sample)

How to videos have a powerful viral potential. Producing how to videos allow you to funnel traffic to your website from YouTube pages virtually for free since YouTube, or its parent company Google afford web hosting and high speed content delivery for each video.

Making how to videos can also be achieved using free software, I use Techsmith’s Jing since it’s free, or in some cases, Camtasia Studio.

You can also use any camera enabled device that can upload to YouTube. Remember to insert a link to a landing page in your YouTube’s video description, then sit back and wait for qualified prospects to call in or email their orders!

2. Review Videos (Sample)

Another powerful video type are reviews, by which you produce video reviews for your products or services via a brief explanation of benefits, pros and in some cases, also mentioning cons to inform prospects and prepare them for both sides of the coin. Link each video review to corresponding product/service landing page and voila! Review videos will produce a steady stream of qualified leads to your web site.

3. Live Streaming Videos

Driven by the need for honest media, video marketers are leveraging the immense power of YouTube’s live streaming feature to broadcast HD quality video from almost anywhere on the planet. Sporting events, concerts, festivals or even thrill rides; You name it! The sky is the limit! The more popular the event, and the higher the quality and content of your video, the more likely your video will produce revenue.

4. Commercial Videos

Much like you would see on television, commercial videos are essentially video clips that promote a company, service, product, etc. These can be produced using any device. As long as each video targets a specific audience, and links to a matching landing page, what’s important is diversification. More videos targeting specific audiences and markets will inevitably produce more traffic. For example, a wedding photographer in Miami would greatly benefit from posting numerous wedding photography slideshows on YouTube making certain to attribute different keywords to each title, description and tags.

When it comes to video marketing via YouTube, the only mistake you can make is ignoring the widely popular, free service. As they say in business, there’s no such thing as bad advertising… ;)

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