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TGIM – 3 Minute Article Writing Tutorial

A little while back I purchased a an audio PLR collection meant to be used as a bonus gift on one or many of my existing landing pages. By no means award winning caliber yet absolutely insightful, the audio program I chose for your listening pleasure is titled “Article Writing in 3 Minutes or Less”.

Click here to Download/Launch the Audio Program >>

Audio Program Outline

Step 1: Determine Your Niche

Step 2: Determine which Keywords you will be Targeting

Step 3: Determine the Subject within the Niche are you Targeting

Weight Loss (Your Niche) > Men (The Subject)

Step 4: Determine the Trends or Problem (Google “weight loss for men”)

Step 5: Write a Powerful Headline featuring your Keywords (headline becomes article title)

Step 6: Write 4-5 short Sentences about the Trend or Problem within your Niche

Step 7: Expand each Sentence into more descriptive Paragraphs (keep writing style enticing)

Step 8: Write a Paragraph introducing the Article at the beginning of the article

Step 9: Write a Paragraph summarizing at the end of the article

Step 10: Reread and Edit if needed

If you enjoyed this audio program and are interested in purchasing the entire 10 Audio Article Collection with Master Resell Rights (meaning you own the product and can do whatever you want with it, including claim it as your own work and resell the audio program), simply reach out and it’s yours for only $10!!!


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