Cybergenica, Driven by Faith, Led by Grace

Cybergenica is a Florida based internet marketing firm focusing on the direct interaction between surfers and products and/or services based web sites. Founded in 1995, Cybergenica is a result of more than 20 years marketing research and development and the brain child of Daniel St.Pierre, an established online marketing expert currently working out of Tampa and St Petersburg, FL.

A servant of the Lord Jesus Christ first and foremost, Daniel's spiritual walk and professional accomplishments truly define the essence of Cybergenica. Native of Montreal, Canada, Daniel St.Pierre is described by clients and peers as possessing "amazing marketing savvy," atop award winning creative skills.

By age 31, Daniel successfully thrived as the leader of one of the world's largest electronic mail organization reaching as many as 5 million customers per day, achieving conversion ratios that remain unmatched to this day.

Daniel St.Pierre created, marketed and currently manages a network of more than 1,700 websites, host to over 3,000,000 (three Million) unique visitors each month. He is also a highly praised consultant in the areas of Internet marketing and web production. Daniel admits "I'm a long way from riding my Radio Flyer wagon in Ste-Flavie," the tiny northern Quebec town he grew up in.

"A Christian, Faith Driven Authority."
Our firm's main office is located in picturesque St Petersburg, FL just minutes from Tampa Bay and Gulf of Mexico Beaches. We chose the Tampa bay area for it's serenity, tropical climate and it's proximity to Orlando, a popular American resort capital where we are continually involved in seminars, conferences and meetings.

Cybergenica is committed to being a worldwide leader in Internet marketing. We constantly update our strategies and techniques in an effort to continue to deliver the utmost in top notch Internet marketing solutions.

In working with our online marketing professionals, you benefit from outstanding search engine optimization, innovative interactive advertising solutions and extensive pay-per-click campaign management. We are not only a leader among 'in-demand' Internet marketing firms, we believe every single web site we visit could benefit from our marketing savvy. We are experts in web site promotion and traffic management solutions that help send thousands of interested prospects to your business or non-profit organization.

Financial Standing
Cybergenica is privately held and grown through initial investments, the pragmatic reinvestment of revenues and a well managed growth path. The company has no institutional investors.

Cybergenica has a long and successful history of partnering with companies and churches around the globe to boost exposure and maximize ROI. A unique blend of creativity, web savvy and flexibility has enabled us to form mutually rewarding relationships with individuals and organizations both large and small.

"Get Results - Not Excuses!"
A word from our President and Founder Daniel St.Pierre
Before hiring us to help promote your church or business, I feel you ought to know the person behind Cybergenica which truly defines the essence of this company. I am first and foremost a Christian Ministry leader glorifying the Lord both professionally and personally. I am also a Web Producer, an Award Winning Photographer and an Established Online Marketing Expert.

In dealing with Cybergenica, you instantly benefit from over 15 years I spent sculpting our extensive cyber network one web site at a time. When you hire me or any member of my staff, you jump-on a ship along with a successful group of web savvy passengers aiming for the ultimate web presence. Countless hours of Research, Production and Consulting become tools available to you. Best of all, you get results, not excuses. Plus since I am a man of God, you will always get honest, direct answers, not lies or sugar coating.

If we can help you, we will. Otherwise, we'll help you find someone who can!

How Do I Get Started?
We invite you to contact us by phone at 727.674.5681 at which time we will discuss your web site and more importantly, its purpose.

Be prepared to commit to a minimum $2,500.00 investment to cover for up to 10 hours of phone, secure chat and/or email consulting, and in some cases implementation of strategies discussed.

Change The Way You Do Business Online - Request a Consultation

For information, email or call our customer hotline at 727.674.5681 from 8:00am-6:00pm EST.



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